Mattress Encasement

This Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Smooth Mattress Encasement was reccommended on the Bed Bugs Dr. Oz Show. This Zippered Full Mattress Encasement with a Smooth Polyester Surface is known to help you Avoid Bed Bug Entry, Escape & Bites. This is for people who have already been infested or want to prevent bed bugs.

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ClimbUp Insect Interceptor

This ClimbUp Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor was also featured on the Dr. Oz Bed Bug Show. You place this under the legs of your bed and it will intercept any bug trying to climb up to your bed. This Allows Early Detection for Bed Bugs, Stops New Bed Bugs from Reaching Your Bed, and also Aids in Protecting Furniture from Reinfestation.

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Click here to learn moreWondering if the two swollen lumps on your neck is a vampire bite? The current trend of vampire based TV shows, movies and literature has perhaps engineered people, women most especially into believing that a cloaked blood sucking visitor paid them a visit while they slept last night. Blood sucking visitor is a close enough term to describe the main cause of skin welts that are slowly starting to itch like mad. Unfortunately for all women vampire enthusiasts these skin irritations are caused by a small reddish brown flat oval shaped and wingless creature known as the bed bug. This pest belongs to the Cimex lectularius specie, insects that feed on both human and animal blood in order to survive. Like their more romantic counterparts the vampires, bed bugs are wary of bright lights. This is perhaps the main reason they are often mistaken as nocturnal creatures, bed bugs have in fact been known to dine during the day time provided that it occurs in a dimly lit room. Another similarity this bug has to vampires is its desire to feast on a victim an hour or two before sunrise. They leave bite marks that are in a row of two or three swollen bumps. See the pattern of similarities? Bed bugs have existed for centuries and have been thought to have been eradicated during the war via the use of pesticides. Obviously they survived or at least had the opportunity to spawn next generation bugs before they were gassed by pesticides.

They have been known to adapt to human environments particularly tropical climates. It is said that these bugs may have come from Europe, Africa and Asia. These pests are amazing hitchhikers so it is not surprising how they are able to span the globe, undetected even. Favoring luggage and furniture it is believed that these pests have latched onto the belongings of American travelers, traders and even soldiers back in the day. Their mode of transportation has not changed, still the adventurous hitchhikers, bed bug home infestations are now being blamed from that cross continent vacations, a stay at motel miles away, a hostel in Europe or a hotel in the East Coast. These bugs are heavy with wanderlust. Their tiny proportions make them stowaways and effective hitchhikers. The main question is where do bed bugs come from. Capable of concealing themselves in small crevices, seams, nooks or crannies of a luggage, suitcase, hatbox or even cling directly to the clothes of a person. Studies have shown that a crack big enough to fit the corner of a credit card is enough to house several bed bugs.

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The amazing thing is not just their ability to breed, one mature female bed bug can lay 5 eggs a day or 500 their entire lifetime, what is more amazing is their ability to last months without feeding. This pest has been known to last more than a year without feeding if push comes to shove that is. Bed bugs however prefer to feed in 5 days or each week. These statistics are enough reason for an individual to seriously take into consideration proper pest control once there are signs of a probable blood sucking visitor in their homes, and getting rid of bed bugs for good.
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Click Here to View Our Selection of Bed Bug ProductsBed bugs is almost a tame term for what they are and what they do;  They are predators looking to feast on your blood. You are the center of their world, their whole lives around feeding on you early in the morning and then hiding from you during the day.

 Bed bugs literally hunt humans honing in on the heat and the carbon dioxide humans give off. That is why when some people move from their bed when they are being bitten and retreat to the couch —-the bed bugs follow them out to the couch to feed guided by body heat and the carbon dioxide that the bed bugs sense.

Bed bugs will do everything they can to get at you. While they cannot fly they are capable of climbing walls and then deliberately falling off the wall to get on to the bed to feed on you, an airborne assault if you will. All this is very scary. The mental and emotional trauma of dealing with bed bugs is very real. They can be defeated but it takes discipline, time, energy, knowledge and money.

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