Click Here to View Our Selection of Bed Bug ProductsBed bugs is almost a tame term for what they are and what they do;  They are predators looking to feast on your blood. You are the center of their world, their whole lives around feeding on you early in the morning and then hiding from you during the day.

 Bed bugs literally hunt humans honing in on the heat and the carbon dioxide humans give off. That is why when some people move from their bed when they are being bitten and retreat to the couch —-the bed bugs follow them out to the couch to feed guided by body heat and the carbon dioxide that the bed bugs sense.

Bed bugs will do everything they can to get at you. While they cannot fly they are capable of climbing walls and then deliberately falling off the wall to get on to the bed to feed on you, an airborne assault if you will. All this is very scary. The mental and emotional trauma of dealing with bed bugs is very real. They can be defeated but it takes discipline, time, energy, knowledge and money.

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