How to prevent bed bugs from entering your home

Bed bugs are so tiny yet they can harm you with bites, rashes, or itchiness on your skin. No matter how tiny they may be their effect on your life and your loved ones are so alarming. Aside from abnormalities in your skin, they can cause you swollen lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, or groin. In worst cases, you may have a very high fever and you may chill tremendously with no known reason. If you do not want these to happen to anyone in your home, do not let a single bed bug enter your home. Below are some steps you can do to prevent them from entering your home.

Do not bring infested items inside your home.

Bed bugs stick to a lot of things like your luggage and clothing. Inspect closely for any signs of bed bugs before you bring these things inside your house. These tiny vampires can get inside and populate inside your house if you will not check for their presence before your bring in anything. Do this especially when you came from a travel or any suspicious place that might have bed bugs as residents.

Avoid staying long on turnover places.

Turnover places are places where there are no permanent occupants such as hotels or dormitories. People who go and sleep their might have bed bugs hitched on their things. When you arrive and stay there for a while, any bed bugs left their will get into your things. These bed bugs will go home with you.

Clean your gadgets regularly.

Bed bugs are so tiny that they can fit into the smallest spaces in your small gadgets like your DSLR, laptops, netbooks, or DSL ports. Bed bugs usually stay in these gadgets because they love warm places. Cleaning these gadgets regularly will ensure no bed bugs are with them especially that you use these gadgets in all rooms inside your house. You even bring these to other places, so be careful.

Repair any cracks in your walls immediately

Once bed bugs get into your house, they look for small holes or cracks where they could hide their flat body. If you notice cracks on your walls, immediately put plaster on these cracks so that there will be no spaces where the bed bugs could hide. If you do not repair these immediately, it would be difficult to find the bed bugs that have entered in your house.

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